Jacquie Fagan – Breast Cancer UK
Ambassador Co-ordinator (UK wide), Education & Outreach in Wales.


Breast Cancer UK is a small charity with only 9 members of staff, all working remotely, with no head office.  Jacquie is Breast Cancer UK’s only member of staff working out of Wales and with no Ambassadors in Wales, Jacquie is trying to raise the profile and message of the charity.

Jacquie believes that far more can be done to help prevent breast cancer. That’s why it’s time to move beyond breast cancer awareness to preventative action.

Breast cancer rates are rising rapidly.  Today, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives, with 1 in 5 being under the age of 50.  In England, incidence rates have increased amongst women by 90% and amongst men by as much as 60% in just one generation. Prostate cancer is prevalent in men in similar numbers to breast cancer in women.

“A key risk factor for breast cancer is our daily exposure to some of the synthetic and man–made chemicals that are found in our environment, food and everyday products which is why I wanted to get the club thinking about using an alternative to plastic.  Many members have young families and it would be great to educate them on why we don’t want to use plastic and the other nasties we are exposed to”.

For more info:-

The Reduce Your Risk section of our website has useful guides on how you can reduce your exposure to some of the harmful chemicals linked to breast cancer.


You can also book a ‘Let’s Prevent Breast Cancer’ talk at your workplace or club at www.breastcancer.org.uk/book-a-talk

Or Email: [email protected]

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