As a member of Celtic Tri we collect and process personal information including:

  • personal details such as name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, gender, passwords
  • equality information 
  • membership photo – the photo used on your membership card
  • marketing communication preferences – so that we know whether and how we should contact you
  • records of your interactions with the club such as telephone conversations, emails and other correspondence including your instructions to us
  • records of your attendance at any training sessions, events or competitions hosted by us

How we collect personal data

We may collect your personal information in a number of ways, principally:

  • Directly from you, for example when you apply for Celtic Tri Membership, attend club events, enter a competition, provide coaching or officiating services, and make enquiries on our website, and when you interact with us during your participation in Celtic Tri in various other ways;
  • From someone else acting on your behalf, for example when a parent or guardian has purchased Celtic Tri Membership for you as their child, or if another purchases a membership as a gift, or when Celtic Tri staff who are working with you in your capacity as a participant, coach or official record information about you, for example when coordinating training sessions or competitions;
  • On rare occasions, we may receive information about you from others who are not acting on your behalf (for example, where someone makes a complaint about you which we then investigate);
  • By creating it ourselves, for example when we produce reports from watching participants compete at events; and/or
  • When you make enquiries on our website, or when you interact with us (for example, where you volunteer to assist with an event organised by us, sign up for our volunteer communications, enquire about a volunteering opportunity), or through the club annual registration process.

Why we need your personal information – contractual purposes

We need to process our members’ personal information so that we can manage your membership.  We will use our members’ personal information to:

  • provide you with core membership services, including membership cards, voting, coaching;
  • setup your online membership account and administer your account online;
  • send you membership communications by post or email in relation to essential membership services, including but not limited to, general meeting notices, membership renewals, membership fees information, information on membership benefits, training sessions and club events.

If you do not provide us with all of the personal information that we need to collect then this may affect our ability to offer the above membership services and benefits.

Why we need your personal information – legitimate interests

We also process our members’ personal information in pursuit of our legitimate interests to:

  • monitor and develop participation in the sport of Triathlon by monitoring members’ engagement and participation through events and membership and inviting our members to participate in surveys for researching and development purposes;
  • use our members’ personal information relating to your disability (if any), ethnic group, religious belief, gender identity and sexual orientation for equality monitoring purposes as required by Welsh Triathlon. We will process such personal information through aggregated and anonymised reports to identify and keep under review the existence or absence of equality of opportunity or treatment between groups of people within the same categories to promote or maintain equality within our sport;
  • deliver film and photography. Our competitions and events may be filmed for live streaming purposes and your personal information may also be used in images captured from our competitions and events, which we use for promotional, education and development purposes;
  • respond to and communicate with members regarding your questions, comments, support needs or complaints, concerns or allegations in relation to the sport of Triathlon. Complaints will be dealt with in line with the clubs complaints process.  We will use your personal information to investigate your complaint, to suspend membership, take disciplinary action;

Where we process your personal information in pursuit of our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to us using your personal information for the above purposes. If you wish to object to any of the above processing, please contact us on [email protected].  If we agree and comply with your objection, this may affect our ability to undertake the tasks above for the benefit of you as a member.

Why we need your personal information – consent

We use consent as the legal basis to:

  • send out marketing communications to promote and encourage participation in the sport of Triathlon which include monthly newsletters, event promotions and offers from official sponsors and partners;

Who we share your personal information with

Personal information is shared with Welsh Triathlon in order to help them administer their services. Have a look at the Welsh Triathlon privacy notice.

We may be required to share personal information with statutory or regulatory authorities and organisations to comply with statutory obligations. Such organisations include the Health & Safety Executive, Disclosure & Barring Service, and UK Police and law enforcement agencies for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime.

We may also share personal information with our professional and legal advisors for the purposes of taking advice.

Your data may be shared with data processors to help with membership management or communication delivery. For example, we use a third party provider, LoveAdmin, to provide membership administration services and MailChimp, to deliver some of our email communications which might include e-newsletters and direct marketing emails. Your data may be shared when we may use data processors to conduct online surveys (for example SurveyMonkey) so that we can report on trends and gain feedback; or with companies who provide cloud-based file storage and sharing like Dropbox and Sharepoint.

We will pass some personal data on to our payment providers in order to take payment for your membership. This generally includes payment details along with name, address and contact details which are sometimes used in fraud prevention.

If we do share personal information with external third parties, we will only share such personal information strictly required for the specific purposes and take reasonable steps to ensure that recipients shall only process the disclosed personal information in accordance with those purposes.

How long we keep your personal information

We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary to provide you with membership services. Unless you ask us not to, we will review and possibly delete your personal information where you have not renewed your membership with us for three years.

Transferral of personal data outside the European Union

Your personal data may be transferred outside of the EU when using third party services such as MailChimp or SurveyMonkey. Whenever your data is transferred outside the EU we will make sure the organisation receiving the personal data has provided adequate safeguards. For example, MailChimp participate in and has certified their compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework.