Club Championships 2022 Rules

After a successful few seasons we will be continuing with our new points system and age group banding for the club championships. 

These races have been selected to give Celtic Tri members a broad range of  local events & distances.

Age Group Bandings

Club Champion (Overall Male & Female winner).
The Club Champion will be the member with the highest number of points gained from the top 6 race results

Youth Male & Female Champion (15 – 19) (New for 2018 season)

The Youth Champion will be the member with the highest number of points in age groups A, B & C (aged 15 – 19 on 31 Dec 2022)

Senior Male & Female Champion (20 – 29)

The Senior Champion will be the member with the highest number of points in age groups up to D & E (aged 20 to 29 on 31 Dec 2022)

V30 Male & Female Champion (30 – 39)

The V30 Champion will be the member with the highest number of points in age groups F & G (aged 30 to 39 on 31 Dec 2022)

V40 Male & Female Champion (40- 49)

The V40 Champion will be the member with the highest number of points in age groups H & I (aged 40 to 49 on 31 Dec 2022)

V50+ Male & Female Champion (50+ )

The V50 Champion will be the member with the highest number of points in age groups J or above (aged 50 or older on 31 Dec 2022)

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1. All those with valid Celtic Tri membership at the time of race are eligible to score points in the Club Championships.

  • You should inform the club championships coordinator your intention to race in the 2022 series (I need your DOB)
  • If an entry asks for club name, members must compete as a member of Celtic Tri Triathlon Club for their points to count towards the club championship (this also makes it easier when compiling results from races).
  • Celtic Tri must be your first claim club (you can’t race for another club and be included in the results even if you are a member of Celtic Tri).
  • You should represent Celtic Tri by racing in our colours or if you don’t have any yet, use a neutral kit (eg. PlanetX, Charity Kit, Wiggle, GB Age Grouper, etc).
  • Please don’t use another clubs kit when representing Celtic Tri as any points scored won’t count for that race (eg, TriFit, Cycle Specific, SVT, PTH, TCW, COLTS, Cardiff Tri, Caerphilly Triers, Etc…)

2. Points are scored by competing in the following races:
The below is an example

 Race No. Date Event Distance
Race 1 April 15th Amman Valley Sprint (CTS2018) Sprint
Race 2 May 13th Llanelli Sprint (CTS2018) Sprint
Race 3 May 27th TATA Steelman ( Standard distance only) Standard
Race 4 June 16th Mikes’Bikes Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon (Welsh National Champs) Standard
Race 5 June 27th Aberavon Aquathlon Series 1 Aquathlon
Race 6 July 29th Sospan Sizzler 70.3 (CTS2018) & (Welsh National Champs) Middle
Race 7 July 30th Aberavon Aquathlon Series 2 Aquathlon
Race 8 August 26th Tuska Sprint (Welsh National Champs) Sprint
Race 9 August 27th Aberavon Aquathlon Series 3 Aquathlon
Race 10 August 26th Burry Port Standard (CTS2018) Standard
Race 11 September 16th Neath Valley Sprint – Club Race Sprint
Race 12 October 7th Carmarthen Sprint (CTS2018) Sprint

A non-member who competes in Amman Valley, who then joins Celtic Tri and races in Llanelli Sprint Triathlon, would only score points for Llanelli Sprint Triathlon.

3. Points are awarded as follows for each race regardless of Age Group:

Earning points

Points will be awarded for performance within an eligible event. Points will be calculated by the “40th percentile” finisher, or “reference finisher”. See points calculated

Points calculated

Using the 40th percentile calculation, only the top 40% of the field influence the points allocated. It doesn’t matter whether the race is faster or slower, it just depends on how you measure up to the first 40% of the field.  The more members in the top 40% the better your score will be.

With this system the winner gets proportionally more points to reflect how much they have won by and if first and second competitors are close in time, they will get almost the same number of points to reflect that their performances were almost equal.

Scoring Formula

The scoring formula is as follows: Assume that Athlete Y is the 40th percentile finisher. Athlete Y finishes the race in 75 minutes. Athlete A finishes the race in 70 minutes:

(Finish Time of Y/Finish time of A) X 100

(75/70) *100 = 107.14

Athlete A receives 107.14 points. Meanwhile, using the same formula, athlete Y receives 100 points. Athletes finishing behind athlete Y would receive less than 100 points. All athletes finishing the race would receive points for the series.

The best six scores from all published club races will be taken forward into the final rankings.

Results will be compiled from the official results source provided by race organiser only.

4. Only points from members best 6 races will count:

Example: a member competes in the following

Race 1 = 98 points

Race 2 = 95 points

Race 4 = 80 points

Race 5 = 89 points

Race 6 = 97 points

Race 8 = 83 points

Race 11 = 112 points

Members points only to be counted from races 1 2 5 6 8 and 11 as race 4 was the lowest scoring race.

5. You must have a minimum of 3 races (excluding any points from marshalling duties) to be considered for a top 3 finishers position at the end of season.

6. Members who volunteer as a marshal in race 11 (Club Race) or any other official role at that race will also be eligible to score points. The value of points awarded will be equal to the person’s lowest eligible score when all championship races have concluded.

Points from the Glyn Neath triathlon awarded for marshalling duties will only be allocated to members who have completed 2 or more races. You must have raced at two of the listed races first.

Example: Member competes in the following

Race 2 = 95 points

Race 4 = 80 points

Race 5 = 89 points

Race 6 = 97 points

They volunteer for race 11 (club race) so therefore are eligible to 80 points which is equal to lowest score recorded (race 4)

7. There are 5 age groups for both male and female athletes.
 ** NEW for 2022 **  Subject to numbers in age group category 15-19 and 20-29, the committee and club championship organiser reserve the right to merge these two age groups into one 15-29 age group. We will see what the entry numbers are like at mid season.

8. Prizes are awarded for the top 3 male and female athletes of each age group and a prize for overall point’s scorer male and female regardless of age group.

9. Results are to be compiled by a results coordinator. Provisional results will be released for members to check for accuracies, at which point official results will be compiled and tables updated. Queries should be directed to the webmaster in the first instance, who will then liaise with the results coordinator. Results will be posted in the member’s only section of the club website at the earliest opportunity.

10. The top three placed members in each age group will be presented with trophies at the Celtic Tri Annual Awards Evening held in November.

Good luck everyone!!

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