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May I take this opportunity on behalf of Celtic tri to thank you all for supporting this event.

Please take time to read the following; it is important for the smooth, safe and enjoyable running of the event.

Mark Edwards, Race Organiser.

The Fifth Annual Aquathlon youth, tristar and Parathlete race run by Celtic Tri Triathlon Club at the Ystradgynlais Sports Centre in memory Of Stephen Lewis. This race will be open over various distances for children between the ages of 8 (on or before the 31st of December 2020) and 19.

Please note that the category that the athletes will compete in is determined by their age on or before the 31/12/2020 so please be sure to sign them up for the correct race.

Event information

Ystradgynlais Sports Centre, Swansea, West Glamorgan, SA9 1AP

 There will be ample on site parking for competitors located at the leisure centre complex.

Those competing are asked to register 20minutes before their allocated start time.

We also ask that Athletes be ready at the poolside 10 minutes before their allocated time slot,  They will then be asked to wait poolside until instructed to enter the pool.

 There is a small viewing gallery for spectators. Can we please ask that once your child has exited the pool you move out of this area.

General sequence of events

9:45am Registration and Transition opens

10:20am Race Brief in main hall

10:35am Fun run

10:45am Event start

2pm event finish

2:15pm presentation

Registration / Briefing

From 9:45am onwards at the Hall of the dry side leisure centre complex

Here you will be issued with your race number.


Race briefing will be at 10:20am at the main hall  for all.

first swimmers will be starting at 10:45am

 There will also be a FUN RUN at 10:35am for those children 8 and under registration for this will be taken on the day £2 each, Runners will be given a medal and Race Water bottle upon completing the Fun Run


There will be 4 lanes with 2 swimmers in each lane. Please swim UP and DOWN the side indicated by the swim marshals.

  • You may be provided with a coloured swim cap for easy identification by the lane marshals.
  • CHIPS will be given out poolside prior to entering the water which will need to be secured to ankle, a marshal will be on hand to assist you with this.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you swim the correct distance, although there will be lane counters to assist.
  • On completion of the swim, please leave the poolside by the exit indicated and make your way to the transition area, as shown. Please leave the swim hats with the marshal as you exit the water.



Leave your race number, clothing and shoes for the run sections in the transition area, Tri boxes will not be allowed. Do not leave clothes in the way of other competitors – keep them neat. A clean site is a safe site.



Numbers must be on display throughout the run section on the front of every athletes.

The run course is traffic free and predominately on tarmac and grass, but please be careful on uneven ground.


Short run loop

short route

Tri start and  fun category 50m Swim (2 lengths) 500m Run Short run loop

Athletes will leave to pool as shown marked with a green triangle, they will then follow the course though to the red Square which will be the finishing line, marshals will be on hand to guide Athletes though. 

Main route course map,

 map yst

 T1, T2, T3 and youth/junior

 Depending on which category you are in will depend on distances you will swim and run, these are indicated below

 T 1 150m Swim (6 Lengths) 1000m Run 1 Red loop

T 2 200m Swim (8 Lengths) 2000m Run 1 Red loop 1 Blue loop

T 3 300m Swim (12 Lengths) 3000m Run 1 Red Loop 2 Blue loops

Youth/junior 300m Swim (12 Lengths) 3000m Run 1 Red loop 2 Blue loops.

The run route is subject to alteration depending on weather conditions on the day.

Near the beginning of laps for T2 T3 Youth and junior you will be given bands to assist in counting lap runs, the the number of run laps will be written on athletes hands and at the finish line the number of bands on athletes wrist must match the number written on hand.

Please give in chips once you have crossed the finish line.

The presentation of the Awards and a Raffle draw will be taking place after the final Competitors have finished.

As mentioned in race registration process there will be an event photographer present, should you not want any photos of certain individuals please inform us before hand so we can not include them,

A Stall selling Cakes tea and coffee please bring your reusable cups and flasks for an extra discount on warm drinks,

warm food van will also be on site

A Stall selling Triathlon equipment provided by Swim Sharks shop Swansea,

thank you

Mark Edwards

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