Important Information – Updated 25th April 2021

Fairwood Flyer 11-mile TT

Aerial view of the Fairwood Flyer TT Route.

Carried out a check of the route on Sunday  25th April 2021, these are the findings. Full route available here on

There is some traffic between the start point of the TT and the turning off to Three Crosses, so be cautious when starting off, the time keeper(s) will advise when to go. Other than that there is the typical traffic you would encounter on a road at that time of night.

Road surface, this has been resurfaced in the last year  and is in god condition. Please be aware that there could be potholes and other  damage to the road after this inspection took place!
Once you cross the cattle grid at Llethryd there is a new road surface all the way to Llanrhidian the turn around point (Figure 8). While this is a good surface there are some chipping in the centre of each lane from where cars have travelled over and the chippings have pooled together. Avoid crossing and stay to the left, this is especially important when returning and you approach Llethryd Farm (Figure 10). There is usually a tendency to follow a racing line, and on this occasion we would advise you stay to the left and don’t cross over the centre line

There will be a full brief at the meeting point of Fairwood Hospital and a disclaimer and TT registration sheet will be on hand for you to sign.

Parking is off road by the entrance to the Old Fairwood Hospital (SA2 7LN). Alternative is to ride here and use it as a warm up, or park near Upper Killay community hall.
Please park giving vehicle access as there is private accommodation that uses the road. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Start line is 100 metres from the junction of B4271 and A4118. There is a sign post. The 3 yellow line on the road have been removed. (Figure 2)
I’ll be there, look out for a guy in Hi-Viz and a clip board.

Figure 2

There are 3 cattle grids (Figures 3, 4, 5)
The first will be as you approach Llethryd there will be a cattle grid after the left bend in the road. (Mile 3.4)

Figure 3

Continue through Llethryd until you get to the junction of Cefn Bryn common and cattle grid number 2 (Mile 4.5). Follow the road around to the right (B4271)

Figure 4

The third cattle grid is about 200 metre past the Cefn Bryn junction.

Figure 5

Continue for 1 mile, where you will approach the turn around point (Figures 6, 7, 8). The 3 yellow lines have been removed on the road in the direction of travel. At  100 metres past these lines will be your turn around point. Caution turning here, do not go around the traffic island as its one-way traffic only (Figure 9)

Figure 6 & 7

Use caution when turning here. Follow the blue arrow (It won’t be there on the day!) for a safe turn around

Figure 8

Looking back from the turnaround point, you will see it’s the junction for Welshmoor. This is a little used
road, but again use caution when turning.

Figure 9

Then it’s 5.5 miles back the same route, same cattle grids and same hills.

The only bend which could catch you out if you are travelling at speed will be as you approach Llethryd Farm (Figure 10) It’s a tight right so be careful!!

Figure 10


Some general notes.
Take care if it’s wet, you will be going over 3 cattle grids (6 in total) and some of the roads do become narrow (see Figure 10).

During the event safety remains entirely your own responsibility.
Events are held on open roads, and members must obey the relevant laws and the Highway Code before, during and after a race.
Members must avoid creating situations that are unsafe for other road users.

There are a number of other points that will help everyone to enjoy safer racing: Cyclists are less visible than most other road users. You should remember this when approaching junctions.
You must avoid riding with your head down, even on a Clearway, cars may stop for a variety of reasons, and the responsibility for avoiding them rests with the rider. In the event of a collision, the fact that the car was contravening the Clearway regulations will not be an excuse.

Any road junction or roundabout can constitute a hazard in a race. You will often be approaching much faster than drivers expect of a cyclist, which can lead to errors of judgement on their part. Be ready for this. Care is particularly necessary at slip roads joining and leaving dual carriageways and other major roads, due to the long period when a cyclist can be between two lanes of merging traffic or exposed to vehicles leaving the main carriageway at high speed.

** Accidents**
If you have an accident during the event, no matter how minor it may seem, you are required to report it to the time keeper(s) as soon as possible.