Why go to Track Sessions?

One of the many milestones every new runner passes is the realisation that to improve your overall performance you will need to train at different paces. As a beginner, it is tempting to always run the same route/distance at the same pace but in order to progress you should try and introduce some variety into your training sessions. These might be longer slower runs, or shorter sessions designed to increase your strength or speed.

Get on the right track…

Track sessions are a fantastic way of introducing variety into your weekly schedule. There is no other environment that is better suited to the high-intensity interval workouts that are an essential part of every runner’s training. Track training is undeniably one of the most effective ways to improve your running performance. The flat surface and measured distance enable you to see exactly how far and how fast you have run.

So, why take part in a track session?

  • Track sessions provide variety in your weekly training schedule.
  • The track is a safe environment for you to experiment with different paces and efforts.
  • You will improve your overall speed and performance.
  • Track running builds muscle strength and helps to increase lung capacity.
  • You will learn how to relax while running fast.
  • You will receive instruction on correct running form and posture.
  • You will learn how to properly recover between hard efforts.
  • It is a convenient way to do a harder workout in less time.
  • Training with others makes the tough sessions more enjoyable and might mean you push yourself harder than when running alone.
  • You will get excellent advice, support and motivation from experienced running coaches.
  • You will increase your enjoyment of running as you make progress and achieve your individual goals.

So come along on a Wednesday night at 7pm. You can decide the level of effort you want to put in and run at your own pace. A little track training goes a long way. With a bit of perseverance you will see real results.

What kit do I need?

Normal running kit will be fine, you dont need any special track shoes and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water. 

Track Sessions