There will be a training morning for club members at Glynneath leisure centre car park this Sunday 21st Oct arrive at 9:15am for 9:30am start.

All rules apply as per TT training, people taking part must be

  • 2012 Celtic Tri Club member and
  •  A member of Welsh Triathlon or hold a current British Cycling Federation license .

As this is an organised club session and we are cycling on open roads we must insist on Welsh Triathlon membership or British Cycling Federation license .

There will be two distances:

Those aiming at sprint to standard distance

  • 10km bike-3km run
  • 10km bike-3km run
  • 10km bike-3km run

With a time limit of 3hrs max on the whole session

Those aiming for half Ironman and Ironman distance

  • 20km bike-3km run
  • 20km bike-6km run
  • 20km bike-9km run

4hrs max on the whole session

This is a great opportunity to get yourself prepared either for base training or racing those late 2012 races, or a chance to meet other club members aiming to increase their fitness levels.

Nutrition,Hydration plays a very important part to a successful race this would be an ideal time to try this out so make sure you have sufficient with you.

The pool is open until 1:30pm so if you have finished the bike/run session you can drop into the pool for a quick recovery swim (pay at reception).

Kit required:

  • Bike:
  • Warm cycling clothes,
  • Helmet, gloves (check weather) cycling shoes,
  • Over shoes, inner tubes, pump, rear lights.
  • Running shoes, cap
  • Drinks for bike, gels, bars

This is a training session all athletes are responsible for their own safety caution should be taken at all times.


Club Training Session