Celtic Tri – Summary of progression of junior athletes

The groups below have been agreed by the Celtic Tri Coaching Team and are based on the LTAD Model (Long Term Athlete Development model) that

matches training needs to the child’s growth and development, as recommended by British Triathlon.

Group 1 FUNdamentals Preparation phase – the emphasis on the sessions for this group will be FUN and fitness. Athletes will be expected to have a commitment to attending sessions and want to participate in non-competitive activities.
Group 2 Learning to Train Quality technique and skill sessions. Athletes will be expected to have a commitment to training and want to progress to Group 3.
Group 3 (Triathlon Kids) Training to Train Will include bike sessions and transition training at the track whenever possible. Athletes will be expected to have a commitment to triathlon and want to enter races.

Once an athlete can regularly demonstrate maturity and commitment to training and triathlon, we will use the following criteria to move the athlete on to the next phases:-

  • an ability to regularly achieve 6 x 400m in 2:15
  • run a distance of 2.5km without stopping
Group 4 Training to Compete Specific training plans, introducing strength and tactics. Athletes will be expected to have a commitment to triathlon and want to regularly compete.
Group 5 Training to Win Specific training plans linked with specific goals, and further developing strength and tactics. Athletes will be expected to have a commitment to regular training and competition, with the aim of striving for the best possible results.
Group 6 Keep Tri-ing Non-elite or Age-group athletes who are committed to triathlon and training to achieve personal goals.