Open Water Swimming at Glyn Neath lakes



1st July 2020

This will be starting in May, once the risk assessments, emergency action plans, insurance and disclaimers have been completed by members that wish to use this facility.

As we share the lake with other users (Jetskis, water skiing, divers), our dedicated swimming nights are a Monday and Thursday evening. We share these nights with 2 other Triathlon clubs- PTH Multisport and Merthyr Triathlon Club. These nights are when we can organise group swimming at the lakes.

We can use the lakes outside of these times, for example you may be a shift worker and want to swim in the afternoon. This is allowed BUT YOU MUST follow the guidelines below.

The main guidelines of use are:

  • Must be a Celtic Tri member and have your membership card with you at all times when using the lakes. You may be challenged by the owner or a representative when you attend and will need to show your card.
  • Must have a signed a disclaimer to use the lakes. This needs to be done before visiting the lakes and it only needs to be completed once a year when registration for the lakes opens, usually April/May time. A copy of the disclaimer will be kept with the club and a copy is sent to the lakes owner. There are no exceptions to this. If you miss the registration period, you can register by contacting a committee member.
  • Must check in and out with a committee member. This season we will continue with the system we used last year, using a dedicated closed Facebook Group [GLYN NEATH LAKES CELTIC TRI MEMBERS] See below for checking in/out.
  • DON’T SWIM ALONE. As tempting it may be to go there on a summers day, you must not swim alone. If you are caught or reported, you will be banned from Celtic Tri Club, no exceptions!
  • Car share where ever possible. There is limited parking at the lakes and the road is a shared with 2 neighbours who don’t want hundreds of cars travelling along the road.
    • park in large layby on main road (Marked as Parking 1 on the map)
    • layby opposite turning into the lane (Marked as Parking 2 on the map)
    • MacDonald’s carpark/layby (Marked as Parking 3 on the map)
  • Don’t use the larger lake if there are powered craft are using it! You can swim in the smaller but colder lake.
  • Don’t give the Gate code to anyone else, or publish it outside of the closed Glyn Neath Lakes Facebook Group

Procedure for registering to swim at Glyn Neath lakes

  • Download a copy of the Glyn Neath Lakes Disclaimer form from here
  • Complete the disclaimer, sign and date
  • Place your Celtic Tri membership card in the box marked on the disclaimer, then take a photo of the whole document.
  • Email it to [email protected] for approval
  • Once approved you will be added to the Facebook Group – GLYN NEATH LAKES CELTIC TRI MEMBER
  • If you cannot complete the disclaimer and provide proof of your membership using the above procedure, you can register at any club coached session, where the coach will be able to validate your documentation and take a photo of it on your behalf.