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Welcome to our second race in our virtual duathlon series. We know It’s been a tough year and with no answer on when organised triathlon events can restart we thought it would be great to start this series to keep you training and having fun. There will be a series of 3 races with three finisher medals to collect!

Entries are via Eventbrite 

Please see some common questions which should answer any queries you may have. For any other questions please email [email protected]

What is a Virtual Duathlon race?
A Virtual Race is a race you can run at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with another person (Please adhere to Covid guidelines)
A Duathlon is a run, bike, run format.
In Race 2 adults have to run 5k, followed by a 25k bike and finally a 5k run to finish.
Junior distances are a 1400m run followed by a 4k bike and a 400m run.

When and where can I complete the race?
You can complete the distance above any time between Saturday 15th May to Sunday 30th May
You can complete the run and bike sections inside or outside or a mix of both for instance a 5k run outside 25k bike on an indoor turbo/exercise bike and 5k run outside.
You must complete the three sections all together one after another.  Transition times do not need to recorded but for the results table we will add all three legs of the event to make your overall time for the event.

Do I need race insurance?
As this event is not permitted, we do not require you to have insurance, but entrants take part in this event at their own risk, those who are members of Welsh triathlon will have insurance that covers them.

Where do I upload my results?

We are using Strava to log all our results. If you have not got a strava account you can download one for free here-:

Once you have an account then search under clubs for-:
Celtic Tri Virtual Events ( join this group before you complete the event.

You can use Strava to then record your run and bike.
Please save your first run as CTVR2 run 1
Please save the bike as CTVR2 bike
Save your final run as CTVR2 run 2
Once you save them on Strava they will upload into the group automatically if you have already joined our group.
This will make it very easy for us to collate all the results, so we appreciate you following the above.
If you are having issues please email us on [email protected]

We would love to see some of your photos of you completing the event. You can post them on our Celtic tri pages using #CTVR
Non club members-:
Celtic Tri Club members-:
(By emailing them to us or posting them on our social media you are given permission for us to use the photos in our media posts)
All Finishers will receive a Silver finisher medal and a treat!

Gold will be on offer for our last June Event.  Those who got our Bronze last month and collect all three will get an extra prize!

Tips and hints
Plan your route before hand.
Be fully prepared for all weathers and wear suitable clothing.
Check your bike over beforehand and ensure you wear a helmet.
Take it easy on the first run, save some energy for bike and your last run.
On the brick run (run after bike) your legs may feel a bit wobbly getting of the bike, you may want to
practice brick runs before the event.
Ensure you fuel efficiently, keep hydrated and wear sun cream if its warm (we can hope!)
Above all enjoy have fun and stay safe!

Health and Safety
We ask all entrants to carefully plan your run and bike route beforehand. If you are completing it outside,
we advise using a route you are familiar with and ensure you adhere to the highway code. Please ensure
Helmets are worn if biking outside.
We ask all entrants to ensure they abide by current Covid restrictions and abide by social distancing
measures when outside.
Adult approval needed for Junior entry. Parents will be responsible for supervising their child while they
are completing the event. Please ensure you child is completing it safely and abiding by current Covid
If you are new to exercising or have a medical condition that may affect you, we advise you to talk to your
GP before completing the event.
Celtic Tri accepts no liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur during this virtual event.

Happy racing!
Hayley ☺
Celtic Tri events officer

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